Frank Schott s been taking photographs since the age of 15, shooting the punk bands and influential musicians of the 80s.

He attended the Academy of Arts in Cologne, studying photography under Professor Arno Jansen, who was an early influence.

Moving to California in 1998, Frank's work has evolved to include the epic landscapes of the American West as well as architectural, conceptual and more formal environments from both home and his travels.

Influenced by German realism and art piers and precursors as Candida Höfer, Jeff Wall, Gregory Crewdson and Joel Sternfeld, his images successfully blend technical, conceptual and formal rigor with a decisive sense of composition and color.

Frank's images have an iconic sensibility and give us a bird's eye view onto humanity and its constructs. The specific is edged towards the abstract, often revealing the compelling and disjunctive moment where nature meets man.


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